Autism linked to older fathers | Irish Examiner

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Autism linked to older fathers | Irish Examiner.

Researchers found that “de novo”, or newly created, mutations played an important role in autistic spectrum disorders. These defects were “overwhelmingly paternal” in origin.

Read more: http://www.irishexaminer.com/world/autism-linked-to-older-fathers-189508.html#ixzz1rA7aBNbk

Egypt Constitution Faces Islamic Colouring – IPS ipsnews.net

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Egypt Constitution Faces Islamic Colouring – IPS ipsnews.net.

The large proportion of Islamist-leaning members in Egypt’s Constituent Assembly elected last month has led to accusations that Islamist parties – especially the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) – are effectively monopolising the constitution-drafting process.

‘Mission to Prey’ — the baseless accusation that set off a bomb via @independent_ie

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‘Mission to Prey’ — the baseless accusation that set off a bomb via @independent_ie.

LAST May RTE broadcast a ‘Primetime Investigates’ programme entitled ‘Mission to Prey’. It alleged that Fr Kevin Reynolds had committed statutory rape by fathering a child with an underage Kenyan girl called Veneranda while she was working as a maid in a house he frequented in Africa 30 years ago…

RTE apologised to Fr Reynolds and accepted the allegations were baseless, without any foundation and untrue.

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