The Power Of Now A guide to spiritual enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle

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The Power Of Now : A guide to spiritual enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle

Thanks to Salman Chatta – Happiness and Beyond for sharing…

“Realise deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the NOW the primary focus of your life.”

My first time reading this book was just a few months ago. I spent the few weeks afterwards captivated by its’ ideas and how it applied to every moment in my life.

I walked down the same road for the millionth time to reach home, and yet I noticed countless new things about my surroundings. Had I really never noticed that weird looking tree or that huge crack in the road despite living here for 16 years?  It’s surprising how much you notice about the world around you when you’re not caught up in meaningless thoughts about the past or the future.

Eckhart Tolle describes in this masterpiece how every moment that you spend regretting the past, or worrying about the future, is a minute lost.

All of Life is simply a series of Present Moments

Think about it, anything that happened in the past occurred in the present moment just like anything that will happen in the future will also take place in the present moment.

Eckhart teaches that the reason we regret and worry so much is due to how our mind functions. The constant noise in our mind is predominantly to do with 2 things: the past and the future.

This applies to my life as much as the next person’s. If I have an assignment due in 2 weeks time, neither regretting the time I’ve wasted nor being anxious about the heavy workoad I’ve left myself with will help. However, what will help is seeing what can be done right now and getting started.

Consciousness is the Way Out of Pain

Eckhart argues in the Power of Now that the only personal pain we have comes from either identifying ourselves with the past, or a longing for the future. Essentially, he brings up the point that many of us have built up resistance to things we can not change.

We fret constantly about the past and the future, but all we have and will ever have is the present moment.

This also leads to Eckhart’s point about ego. Our ego’s feed on the past (who we think we are) and the future (who we want to be). The only way our ego can survive is if we allow it to by continually thinking about the past and future. If we were to be fully living in the present, we would be freed from the way we identify ourselves based on our problems and experiences (ego).

Free yourself by Observing your Mind and Refraining from Judging your Thoughts

One of Eckhart’s strategies described is to simply ask yourself regularly “What will my next thought be?”. This is based on the quantum zeno effect, sometimes stated as “a system can’t change while you are watching it”.

Ask yourself this question and you will be surprised at how long it takes for your next thought to pop in your mind. Personally, I’ve found that the more I ask myself this question, the longer my next thought is delayed. By even asking yourself this question, you bring yourself into the Now and are observing your mind.

Through this you can begin to understand just how much of your time is spent on autopilot, and slowly start detaching yourself from your mind and bring your attention into the present moment.

Another concept that I learnt from Eckhart’s book is to refrain from judging that voice in my head that says “I should’ve done this” or “I bet that will happen”. Rather than resisting these thoughts and fighting them, learn to simply accept them without judgement. 

Notice the thoughts when they arise as if you are observing your own mind under a magnifying glass, but don’t label them or act upon them. In essence, you will be dropping your regrets and worries so you can actually focus on what’s happening right now.


The Power of Now is the sort of book that you might want to read multiple times. Each time you read it, you will undoubtedly gain a better understanding of the powerful concepts of mindfulness, presence and acceptance.

Your grasp of his ideas will strengthen each time you read them and if you’re anything like me, it will give you a fresh perspective on life and how to finally get rid of that damn voice in your head so you can actually live your life.

If you’ve read the book or have any questions/thoughts about it, feel free to leave a comment. I’d love to discuss it with you.

“Realise deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the NOW the primary focus of your life.” My first time reading this book was just a few months ago. I spent the few weeks afterwards captivated by its’ ideas and how it applied to every moment in my life. I walked down the […]

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6 Mindfulness Tips for Millennials

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Thanks to Alex CoteThe Mindful Mermaid for sharing…

Many of us could use some added mindfulness into our daily lives—especially us millennials.
We are the instant-gratification seeking generation that grew up with the digital age. We value self-fulfillment and social impact. And yet, it’s so easy for us to feel overwhelmed and under pressure.
Let’s take a step back and see what simple steps millennials can do to realign our selves in order to feel valued and content.

Before we get started, let’s set the record straight for what mindfulness even is. Clearly, you’ve come to right place (hence the name of my blog).
Mindful.org defines mindfulness as, “the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us.”

For simplicity, mindfulness can be broken down into three steps:
Learning to be more present
Become aware with your inner self
Letting go of judgment of oneself and those around you.

It’s less about being perfectly calm and focused all the time as it is about awareness.

I’ve tailored a series of simple steps that I’ve found are both effective and relevant for our generation. 6 simple steps to living more mindfully as a millennial starts here:

Learn to unplug from the digital world and focus on the present.

Do you notice that your computer runs a lot slower when your internet browser has 20+ tabs open? Same thing goes with our brains. It’s time you close some of the tabs open in your head, and start focusing on one thing at a time.

It’s estimated that millennials spend at least 18 hours a day online. We’re constantly managing multiple tasks at once and thinking about what’s coming next.

We need to learn to turn the digital world OFF. That also means putting our brain into airplane mode and focusing on the moment in front of us.

When you’re with your friends, be with your friends. When you’re at work, be at work. Look up from your phone and notice the trees changing color on your walk home. And believe me, every moment of your day does not need to be on Snapchat.

Stop focusing on what to come, and what you’re missing out on somewhere else. Learn to just be in the now.

Get a hobby, other than Netflix…

6 Mindfulness Tips for Millennials

A series of relevant and effective steps for millennials to realign themselves and find purpose…

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In a world dominated by smart phones and other handheld devices, society seems to have developed a need to be constantly entertained. We scroll through social media on the bus, read a book while waiting in line or, if all else fails, pull up a game to pass the time. Our minds are always busy, but what happens when we don’t step back, focus our minds and recharge?

Recharging our minds helps us deal with all of the thoughts, feelings, and events of our lives. Not taking a break and plugging your mind into the present can allow a buildup of stress and anxiety, which lead to bigger problems with things like high blood pressure and depression. Practicing mindfulness is a fantastic way of bringing your focus back to the present and recharging your mind.


Mindfulness is a way of paying special attention to what’s around us. The trick is to notice our thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations in a way that is open, curious and accepting. Anyone can practice mindfulness, anytime, anywhere. The trick to seeing the effects of living more mindfully is to practice regularly.

The effects of living a more mindful life are unique from person to person, but some of the widespread benefits are

  • Lower stress
  • Improved physical health
  • Improved concentration
  • Relief from psychological difficulties
  • Greater awareness of teh why behind our own feelings and behaviors
  • Allows us to be more present in the good times
  • Boosts creativity

Ready to jump in? Take a few minutes and follow this basic guide to submerging yourself in the present.

Sit comfortably and focus on your breathing, from there spread your mind out to notice other physical sensations of being in the present moment. Notice your thoughts and feelings. As you’re taking stock of the moment, the trick is to not pass judgement on the physical, emotional or mental aspects. Chances are your mind will wander away from what you’re doing. Don’t criticize yourself when this happens, just bring yourself back to your breathing and start the process of focusing on the present over again.


One of the really cool things about mindfulness techniques is that they can be broken down into short exercises to help you focus and relax in stressful situations. For example, if you’re in a meeting and feeling overwhelmed try out one of these mindfulness exercises to help you focus on the present and relax in stressful situations.

  1. Take a moment and notice three points where your body makes contact with itself or the world around you.
  2. Breathe in for a count of seven, then breathe out for a count of eleven. Repeat.
  3. See if you can find the space of stillness between breathing in and out. Focus your attention there for the next few breaths.
  4. Take a deep breath in. Imagine the air going all the way down to your feet and notice the sensations of your feet against the floor. Repeat.
  5. Take a moment and think of a kind wish for… Someone you care about, Yourself, Someone you really don’t know, and Someone who bothers you.


Even taking one minute to focus on the present moment can help to recharge your mind and clear away the chatter that is stress over the future or regrets over the past. So, next time you find yourself reaching for your phone for a bit of entertainment, try immersing yourself in the present instead.

In a world dominated by smart phones and other handheld devices, society seems to have developed a need to be constantly entertained. We scroll through social media on the bus, read a book while waiting in line or, if all else fails, pull up a game to pass the time. Our minds are always busy, […]

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Iceland- Plane Wreck

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9 Things That Can Be Easily Overlooked During Preflight 

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Source: 9 Things That Can Be Easily Overlooked During Preflight | Boldmethod

1) Mandatory inspections

It’s important to verify that all required inspections are met for the aircraft you’re flying. You don’t want to compromise the safety of you and your passengers by flying an aircraft outside of its inspection windows, and you don’t want to have to explain why you flew an aircraft outside of mandatory inspections to the FAA, either.


2) Required documents

At the start of each preflight, make sure your aircraft has all the required documents on board. Remember the acronym ARROW which stands for Airworthiness, Registration, Radio Station License, Operating Manual, and Weight and Balance.

Jack Snell

3) Fuel quantity

Never rely solely on the fuel quantity indicators. Make sure you visually check your fuel tanks to make sure you have enough gas for your flight.


4) Pitot tube drain hole

You should always make sure that the pitot tube is open, as well as the drain hole. If you end up flying through precipitation, you want to make sure that your pitot tube is draining properly, so your indicated airspeed isn’t affected.


5) Landing gear condition

Instead of skimming over the tire and saying “It looks good to me!”, make sure you actually check that the tire has proper inflation and that the tread isn’t worn down. It’s also important to make sure that the brake pads are intact, and that there isn’t any hydraulic fluid leaking.

Anne Worner

6) Bottom of the fuselage

While it may seem unneeded, it helps you make sure there aren’t any dents on the bottom of the aircraft, tail strikes, or debris from prop blast. You also want to make sure there isn’t any excessive oil dripping, and that the avionics antennas are still intact before you go.


7) Contaminants on the wings

When it’s below freezing, it can be easy to overlook contaminants on the wing like frost and clear ice, which both have adverse effects to your aircraft’s performance.

NTSB Frosted Wing

8) The propeller

Take your time to do a thorough inspection of the propeller. Make sure that both the leading and trailing edges of the propeller are smooth, and don’t have nicks or cracks. In addition to the visual inspection, you can also perform an audible test on composite props. Gently tap on the propeller from the hub to the propeller tip with a metal coin. If the tapping sounds hollow or dead, your prop could be delaminated, and you should have a mechanic check it out.

RM Bulseco

9) Fuel filler caps

Double check them before you fly! If they’re not properly attached, you could risk fuel leakage from the top of the wing, which could make for a bad day.


What else is easy to miss on preflight? Tell us in the comments below.

Chasing Sunsets



Sit back and enjoy a few sunsets from around the world 🙂 Hope everyone is having a great week!

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21 Interesting Snake Facts That Will Amaze You

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21 Interesting Snake Facts That Will Amaze You — UnprecedentedNow

Source: Fact-Retriever

Snakes. The first thing that comes to mind when we hear this word is that snakes bite and some of them are poisonous as well. But there are so much more to know about these snakes. So here are 21 Interest Snake Facts that will amaze you:

1. Some snakes such as The Hognose, Grass snake and the Spitting Cobra fake death when they feel threatened.  They simply flip into their backs, open their mouths, and flop out their tongues. And then they will let out some smelly stuff from their anal gland. Nobody would want to eat that snake as it becomes extremely dirty and smelly.

2. Snakes that are poisonous have pupils that are shaped like a diamond while snakes that are not poisonous have round pupils.

3. When someone is bit by boomslang snake, what happens next is a bit scary. The venom of the snake destroys the red blood cells of the victim, thus causing to bleed from all the holes of the body such as gums and nose.

4.Ophiophobia or Herpetophobia, the fear of snakes is the second most common phobia in the world. People suffering from this phobia get creeped out by even python-skinned bags.

5. The completely separated head of a dead snake can bite even hours after its death. Since it is dead, it cannot regulate how much venom it is injecting, it can often inject large amounts of venom and thus can be fatal.

6. Some snakes have two heads. The two heads fight for food if while being fed, their vision of each other is not blocked. This is an interesting snake fact.interesting_snake_two_heads

7. Snakes are worshipped in many countries such as Africa, India, Cambodia etc.

8. Each year about 50000 people die from snake bites, but in Australia, which is home to some of the most deadliest snakes, only 5 people die from snake bites in a year.

9. A new and mysterious disease known as ‘mad snake disease’ causes boas and pythons to tie themselves up in knots and maybe it is caused by a rodent virus.

10. When it feels threatened, the Sonoran Coral Snake farts instead of hissing or rattling. This is a really interesting snake fact.

11. Snakes have been known to explode after eating. A 13-foot python exploded after it tried to feast on a 6-foot alligator. The python was found with the alligator’s tail protruding from its midsection. Its head was nowhere to be found.interesting_snake_facts2_poisonous

12. Titanoboa is an extinct species of snake which lived about 60 million years ago is the largest, heaviest as well as longest snake ever discovered.

13. In quite a few Asian countries, it is believed that drinking the blood of snakes, particularly the cobra, increases sexual virility. The blood of snake is drained from a live snake and then it is mixed with liquor. This is a shocking as well as interesting snake fact.

14. Some of the deadliest snakes and highly venomous snakes are : The Big Four (Indian Cobra, Common Krait, Rusell’s Viper, Saw-Scaled Viper), Terciopelo, King Cobra, Many-branded Krait, Malayan krait, Inland Taipan, Eastern Brown Snake, Common Death Adder, Tiger Snake, Green Mambas and True Cobras.

15. The death adder snake has the fastest strike among snakes in the world. It can attack, inject venom, and go back to its striking position within 0.15 seconds.

16. Antartica is the only continent that is devoid of snakes.interesting_snake_facts2_eyes

17. Evey year, bees kill more people than snakes. Now that’s a shocking stat. This is another shocking as well as interesting snake fact.

18. The hedgehog (Erinaceidae), the mongoose (Herpestidae), the honey badger (Mellivora capensis), the secretary bird (Sagittarius serpentarius), and some other birds are known to be immune to snake venom and thus can that feed on snakes.

19. A 30-year old Indian woman from Orissa, who claimed that she had fallen in love with a snake married the snake in 2006.

20. Snakes never stop growing, though it’s growth rate reduces as it’s age increases.

21. There have been cases of death of poisonous snakes after they bit themselves by mistake. This is a really weird fact about snakes.

I hope you guys enjoyed the list and make sure you follow us if you haven’t done that already and share it with your friends or people to share the knowledge.

Do you know of any such interesting snake fact? If it’s a Yes, don’t forget to mention the fact below. We would love to know more facts.

Cheers till our next post! Have a great time guys! 🙂

Do check our other posts: 8 Awesome YouTube Channels That You need to check out! and 15 Incredible Facts about Northeast India

Picture Credits:
http://www.huffingtonpost.com,Pinterest and Factslides

Source: Fact-Retriever

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