Ireland is 10th best country to be a child but poverty gap is widening

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Ireland is 10th best country to be a child but poverty gap is widening.

Unicef cited Ireland as the 10th best place in the world to be a child in a league table for child wellbeing in 29 industrialised countries.  Its report card found that, while Ireland has a relatively low child-poverty rate of 8.5pc, those who do fall below the breadline fall harder than in 25 other countries – giving Ireland one of the largest child- poverty gaps.  The data, calculated in 2010, will be launched at a meeting of international experts in Dublin who aim to end child poverty within the EU…

Globally, the Netherlands retained its position at number one, followed by Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. The UK was 16th on the report card.

British Dairy Farmer Creates Pure Milk Vodka | TIME.com

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British Dairy Farmer Creates Pure Milk Vodka | TIME.com.

While U.K. retailers are rationing baby milk powder and breast milk is being turned into jewelry, it seems that milk in all forms is proving to be a hot commodity.  And now one British dairy farmer is using the white stuff to make vodka.

Jason Barber has created the world’s first pure milk vodka from a herd of 250 grass-grazed cows at his farm in West Dorset, England, according to the Daily Mail.
Read more: http://newsfeed.time.com/2013/04/12/british-dairy-farmer-creates-pure-milk-vodka/#ixzz2QEfNeSEo

Mrs Thatcher and Africa – By Richard Dowden | African Arguments

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Mrs Thatcher and Africa – By Richard Dowden | African Arguments.

Mrs Thatcher played a pivotal role in the ending of Apartheid in spite of herself. She once declared the African National Congress to be a “typical terrorist organisation… Anyone who thinks it is going to run the government in South Africa is living in cloud-cuckoo land”.

But she gave these “terrorists” diplomatic protection. In the mid 1980s the South African government blew up the ANC offices in London and tried to kidnap its members in London including Thabo Mbeki and Oliver Tambo. She was obliged to provide armed bodyguards for their most senior officials.

A close aide once told me that she opposed Apartheid more on the grounds that it was a sin against economic liberalism rather than a crime against humanity. She also was bitterly against sanctions of any sort – they were a crime against free trade. She even went on denouncing them after Britain and the rest of the Commonwealth had imposed a ban on sporting contacts and other marginal sanctions. She boasted that she alone had managed to fight off demands for stronger sanctions…

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