4th Annual Gambian Youth Caravan

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Health and Hygiene in Boro Kanda KasseOn the way to LimbambuluWelcome to JagajariEngaging generationsInfant care in JagajariWelcome to Kerewan
Addressing child/forced marriage in KerewanMarch to SutukondingThe Right to a Name and NationalitySong for positive social changeFuture leaders of tomorrowYouth Caravan Manifesto

It’s time for gender to be integrated into every level of the development process – By Thembi Mutch | African Arguments

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It’s time for gender to be integrated into every level of the development process – By Thembi Mutch | African Arguments.

Without a mainstreaming of women in the development process, we’ll just go round in circles. It’s getting boring now: the endless TV footage of men in suits making decisions about women in Africa. We need a change.

In the immigration office in Tanzania, Lydia, a mid level civil servant says, “Look around us: I can say there are no female managers here. The problem is not just gender discrimination, it is favouritism. You get a management job here if you are friend or family of the president. Merit and brains are not rewarded, especially not if you are female, in` fact they are regarded as problems – you’re less easy to manipulate.”

TV linked to risk of antisocial behaviour | Irish Examiner

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TV linked to risk of antisocial behaviour | Irish Examiner.

The 15% of the age group who watch television for more than three hours a day are at an increased risk of developing antisocial behaviours, such as fighting, stealing, or disobedience.

The research, published in Archives of Disease in Childhood, examined more than 11,000 children in Britain aged five and seven.

The children’s parents were asked to complete a “strengths and difficulties questionnaire” to describe how well adjusted their children were. They were also asked to report how much time their children spent watching television and playing computer games at the age of five.

The researchers found almost two-thirds of five- year-olds watched television between one and three hours a day, 15% watched more than three hours, and less than 2% watched no television at all.

After taking into account variables including parenting and family dynamics, the researchers found watching television for three or more hours a day led to a small but significant increased risk of antisocial behaviours.

Blinded by science: the problems of sorting out identity in Africa – By Keith Somerville | African Arguments

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Blinded by science: the problems of sorting out identity in Africa – By Keith Somerville | African Arguments.

The concept of autochthony – that one is entitled to ‘belong’ because of ancestral rights or “this is ours because we were here first” (p. 1) – is in many ways an attractive one when looking at political, economic and military conflict in Africa.  Land is and always has been a key factor on a continent where agriculture is still at the heart of most economies and non-urban communities.  Bøås and Dunn have chosen it as their focus for looking at issues of identity in Africa and use it to examine conflicts in Liberia, Kenya, the DRC and Ivory Coast.  In so doing they appear to consciously reject economic factors other than land in explaining motives for competition and violence and also suggest autochthony is more appealing and applicable than ethnicity because it implies a sense of belonging and of being somewhere first…

Formula 1

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Formula 1, a group on Flickr.

iPad use in schools ‘worsens bullying problem’ – Independent.ie

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iPad use in schools ‘worsens bullying problem’ – Independent.ie.

While the digital revolution is being welcomed in schools, it will “put weapons in the hands of pupils”, an Oireachtas committee was told.

Cyber security expert Paul C Dwyer said such technology could be used for the wrong reasons, such as taking pictures and using them inappropriately.

“This is like a viral epidemic; you think you have a problem now,” he told the committee on transport and communications.

Mr Dwyer was among representatives from the National Anti-Bullying Coalition addressing the latest in a series of committee hearings on the challenges arising from irresponsible use of social media.

He said there was a need for a holistic approach to dealing with the range of online threats, including cyber predators…

Children ‘collateral’ victims of drink sector sport sponsorship | Irish Examiner

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Children ‘collateral’ victims of drink sector sport sponsorship | Irish Examiner.

Children are the “unfortunate collateral damage” of sports sponsorship by the drink industry, a seminar on alcohol has heard…

Ms Ryan said alcohol sponsorship was “not altruistic”, but a calculated trade off: “You give us access to the young male markets and in return we give you money. Are we willing to accept this trade off? The unfortunate collateral damage are children.”

She said alcohol had become so normalised in shopping that it was pushed as “just another grocery”.

Prof Barry of Trinity College Dublin said there was a growing view in society that something had to be done, but he added: “There is no evidence to show that is shared by the Government. That’s the worrying matter. Politicians have done very little; they have done a disservice to the State.”

Richard Attias: Africa and the Six ‘I’s: Independence, Investment, Infrastructure, Innovation, Incubation, Inspiration

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Richard Attias: Africa and the Six ‘I’s: Independence, Investment, Infrastructure, Innovation, Incubation, Inspiration.

It’s no secret that Africa has become a major success story. In 2012, six of the world’s 10 fastest-growing economies were in sub-Saharan Africa, and this trend shows no signs of slowing. In 2012, growth hit 5.3 percent and it is predicted to increase this year. Meanwhile technology is transforming the continent. With 650 million subscribers, Africa’s mobile phone market now exceeds that of the U.S. or EU — a development that is changing lives. In addition to these startling figures, there is Africa’s young population, which, according to projections, will double over the next four decades.

These findings are a source of enormous excitement but they also require thoughtful consideration. I suggest that in looking to Africa’s future, six principles should govern decision-making in business and policy: independence, investment, incubation, innovation, infrastructure and inspiration — the six ‘I’s…

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