Plan would allow EU researchers to move more easily | Irish Examiner.

THERE is over €10 billion a year available in the EU for researchers, but often the best and brightest find it easier to move to the US than stay in Europe.   Máire Geoghegan Quinn, the EU’s commissioner for research and innovation, wants to know why. With this in mind, she has launched some research of her own with a view to enticing people to work closer to home.   The potential is there for 3.7 million jobs and an €800bn boost to the EU’s GDP.   “This is the kind of growth and jobs we desperately need,” Ms Geoghegan Quinn said, adding that Europe faced an innovation emergency. While many of the borders in the EU have been broken down, making it easier for tourists and workers to travel and find jobs in any of the 27 states, she said research and innovation are still locked behind national boundaries.
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