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Working with the AU in Darfur - ZalengiAt work with the UN in Sierra Leone - 2001Madox Picture 2Madox PictureBT River of Music - Africa StageThe Mandoung king and his 100+ wives: inside the compound
Morning AmboseliGaddafi Mosque, KampalaView Downstream of the Nile from Murchison FallsHamer girl whipped during bull jumping ceremony - Omo EthiopiaEritrean womanGiraffe Embrace 1
Giraffe Embrace 29249 wake- You talkin' to me?eye contactSquirrel
Akwasidae the great celebration  of the Ashanti in KumasiAkwasidae the great celebration  of the Ashanti in KumasiAshanti funeral in kumasibaby dancer at the Ashanti funeral in kumasiAshanti funeral in kumasiElephant 1

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Le Tour de France July 2012

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CancellaraOffical carGiftsJuniorsLe tourLCL
LCL 25 anosStartCarpoulett yellowVittelSprayed
Cadel sign inShimanoMark RenshawGreen EdgeTour directorSigns of the tour
Aussies in thereCancellaraWaiting for the dropYellowDepart RouenWaiting

I’ll have 1,500 calories with that burger, please

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I’ll have 1,500 calories with that burger, please.

One burger meal can contain up to a day’s worth of calories, writes AINE McMAHON 

A NEW REPORT reveals that the average burger meal contains almost the recommended daily amount of calories, salt and fat for adults.  Safefood yesterday published research that found a burger with toppings, a large portion of fries and a large soft drink in a typical burger meal contained almost all of the recommended daily allowance of calories for adults.

The study, What’s in That Bun?, examined 240 burgers in three categories (kids, regular and quarter pounder) from 47 takeaways in Ireland…

Ireland’s poorest get 20% poorer as richest get 4% richer | Irish Examiner

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Ireland’s poorest get 20% poorer as richest get 4% richer | Irish Examiner.

Ireland’s poorest get 20% poorer as richest get 4% richer

Monday, July 16, 2012

Ireland’s poorest families experienced an income drop of almost 20% in one year while income of the richest increased by 4%.

The figures released today by Social Justice Ireland are calculated from the latest CSO data and relate to 2010.

There was a drop of more than 18% in the disposable income bracket (after taxes are paid and social welfare received) for the poorest households during the year. ..

Rich and poor gap ‘is getting wider’ via @independent_ie

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Rich and poor gap ‘is getting wider’ via @independent_ie.

THE gap between the rich and poor in Ireland is widening, a thinktank has warned.   Social Justice Ireland said the disposable income — the money a person has after tax — fell by 18.6pc over a year for the least well-off households…

Outrage over TV footage of sexual assault on woman

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Outrage over TV footage of sexual assault on woman.

 INDIANS HAVE reacted with anger and disgust over video footage of a young woman being sexually assaulted by a laughing mob of more than a dozen men in a busy street outside a bar in northeast India.

Not only did no one intervene for up to 45 minutes during the attack, but an off-duty TV journalist filmed the incident on his phone and called a cameraman to join him. The footage was then broadcast on news channels, prompting a debate on women’s safety in India and whether journalists have a duty to help in such situations…

Charity’s board ‘did not vote to oust O’Shea in bully row’ via @independent_ie

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Charity’s board ‘did not vote to oust O’Shea in bully row’ via @independent_ie.

CHARITY boss John O’Shea may have misunderstood the purpose of a GOAL board meeting which led him to take legal action against the directors, it emerged yesterday.

On Tuesday Mr O’Shea secured an injunction temporarily stopping the board from taking any action regarding his employment with the charity he established 35 years ago.

The High Court was told that the 68-year-old CEO believed there was a “concerted effort” to remove him from his position.

But it is understood that, rather than trying to oust Mr O’Shea, the plan was for him to take a paid break to allow allegations of bullying against him to be investigated…

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