Working with the AU in Darfur - ZalengiAt work with the UN in Sierra Leone - 2001Madox Picture 2Madox PictureBT River of Music - Africa StageThe Mandoung king and his 100+ wives: inside the compound
Morning AmboseliGaddafi Mosque, KampalaView Downstream of the Nile from Murchison FallsHamer girl whipped during bull jumping ceremony - Omo EthiopiaEritrean womanGiraffe Embrace 1
Giraffe Embrace 29249 wake- You talkin' to me?eye contactSquirrel
Akwasidae the great celebration  of the Ashanti in KumasiAkwasidae the great celebration  of the Ashanti in KumasiAshanti funeral in kumasibaby dancer at the Ashanti funeral in kumasiAshanti funeral in kumasiElephant 1

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