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Originally published in The Bona Venture on December 7, 2012.

It’s been four days, and the royal baby already has five parody Twitter accounts.

In an announcement which took over social media, their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge a.k.a. Prince Will and Princess Kate announced Kate’s pregnancy on their official website on Monday.

Granted, this is nothing compared to the overwhelmingly exuberant media coverage of the Royal Engagement and the adorable couple’s wedding in April 2011, but the general public hasn’t even known about the pregnancy for a week and it’s still, unfortunately, taking the world by storm.

You can follow the Royal Baby in what might be the longest-running live tweet in history — nine months of undoubtedly exciting action from Kate’s womb!

The best part is, you have plenty of options. @RoyalFoetus, @Royal_Fetus, @IamRoyalBaby, @UnbornRoyal and@HRHBaby are all Twitter handles probably created by obsessive fans…

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