Obama lands in Africa amid Mandela gloom – The Point Newspaper, Banjul, The Gambia

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Obama lands in Africa amid Mandela gloom – The Point Newspaper, Banjul, The Gambia

via Obama lands in Africa amid Mandela gloom – The Point Newspaper, Banjul, The Gambia.

US President Barack Obama landed in Senegal on Wednesday to begin a long awaited first major tour of Africa with the world preparing to bid a reluctant farewell to Nelson Mandela.

The possibility that the critically ill anti-apartheid icon could fade away within days has sparked uncertainty about Obama’s itinerary.

Plans to visit Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania over the next week could be complicated, shifting the focus of a trip meant to ease the disappointment of Africans who saw expectations for Obama’s presidency fall short…

Angelina Jolie Addresses UN On Sexual Violence

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Angelina Jolie Addresses UN On Sexual Violence

via Angelina Jolie Addresses UN On Sexual Violence.

The actress, a goodwill ambassador for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, said the Security Council had witnessed 67 years of war and conflict since it was established, but warzone rape had yet to be treated as a “serious priority”.

She told the council: “You set the bar. If the … council sets rape and sexual violence in conflict as a priority it will become one and progress will be made.

“If you do not, this horror will continue.”…

Reading While Eating for June 20: Vices or Virtues?

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If Enough People Say So, It Must Be True. Here are fifteen important people who will justify your coffee addiction. Now here’s something Napoleon Bonaparte, Ronald Reagan, and T.S. Eliot would all lift their mugs to. (Flavorwire)

Live Free Or Die. While the edibles on this list — including ingredients found in gum, sports drinks, even bread — are banned in other countries, everything is fair game in the Land of the Free. (Buzzfeed)

Different Strokes For Different Folks. In Norway, the national vice seems to be watching the most boring TV imaginable. The public television station recently debuted an 18-hour show observing salmon swimming upstream, following on the heels of a 12-hour broadcast of a crackling fireplace that drew millions. (TIME.com)

Ghoulish Glee. Quench your morbid curiosities with this list of bizarre deaths, from historic luminaries who died of a nosebleed, were crushed…

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Hot but beautiful

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It was a hot and beautiful day today.  The sun’s good mood warmed the Ohio air and proclaimed summer is here.

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Fighting female genital mutilation in Africa – Features – Al Jazeera English

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Fighting female genital mutilation in Africa – Features – Al Jazeera English.

On the International Day of the African Child, the suffering caused by female genital mutilation is under the spotlight with the controversial practice widely condemned by rights and health organisations.

According to the World Health Organisation , there are about 140 million girls and women around the world currently living with the consequences of the practice. The majority of these females are in Africa, where it is routinely done in 28 countries.

An estimated 101 million girls 10 years old and above have undergone varying forms of genital mutilation in Africa. A study by child rights and development organisation Plan International in Mali in 2010 found more than half of all fathers and one-third of mothers wanted their girls excised…

Images of Africa

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Mask - Democratic Republic of The CongoThe Dahlem Museum, BerlinScarfaceCheetahs #16, Massai Mara, KenyaUnder the sunPeople
Looking for healthCaravanne. Arakao. Tenere. NigerYoung girl touareg. MaliYoung woman. MaliYoung woman. Mauritaniagirl Addis Abeba . Ethiopia
kouroumi girl. EthiopiaView over Le Kef, Tunisia from the Citadel.DSCN23View from SabieSoddo woreda : portraits #4Les yeux qui parlent
Bourkes Luck PotholesVervet MonkeyBabyStreet TraderChildren at Berlin FallsNdebele Woman

Images of Africa, a group on Flickr.

Facebook agrees to help schools tackle cyberbullies

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Facebook agrees to help schools tackle cyberbullies.

A deal was brokered at a meeting between senior Facebook executives and officials at the Department of Education.

Facebook has been under growing pressure after a number of disturbing incidents where students or teachers were targeted on social media sites.

In one case earlier this year,  Facebook repeatedly refused to remove an offensive photograph and text casting a slur on a teacher at the second-level Colaiste Chiarain, Croom, Co Limerick, stating that it did not believe it violated its standards on bullying and harassment.

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