Reading While Eating for June 20: Vices or Virtues?

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If Enough People Say So, It Must Be True. Here are fifteen important people who will justify your coffee addiction. Now here’s something Napoleon Bonaparte, Ronald Reagan, and T.S. Eliot would all lift their mugs to. (Flavorwire)

Live Free Or Die. While the edibles on this list — including ingredients found in gum, sports drinks, even bread — are banned in other countries, everything is fair game in the Land of the Free. (Buzzfeed)

Different Strokes For Different Folks. In Norway, the national vice seems to be watching the most boring TV imaginable. The public television station recently debuted an 18-hour show observing salmon swimming upstream, following on the heels of a 12-hour broadcast of a crackling fireplace that drew millions. (TIME.com)

Ghoulish Glee. Quench your morbid curiosities with this list of bizarre deaths, from historic luminaries who died of a nosebleed, were crushed…

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Hot but beautiful

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It was a hot and beautiful day today.  The sun’s good mood warmed the Ohio air and proclaimed summer is here.

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