allAfrica.com: Africa Isn\’t Rising, Say Ordinary Africans (Page 1 of 2)

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allAfrica.com: Africa Isn\’t Rising, Say Ordinary Africans (Page 1 of 2)

via allAfrica.com: Africa Isn\’t Rising, Say Ordinary Africans (Page 1 of 2).

A pioneering new survey of public opinion in 34 countries across the continent suggests that the relatively high average growth in gross domestic product (GDP) reported in recent years is not reflected in the experiences of most citizens.

An average of one in five Africans still often goes without food, clean water or medical care. Only one in three think economic conditions in their country are good. Fifty-three percent say they are “fairly bad” or “very bad”.

The survey suggests that either the benefits of growth are being disproportionately channelled to a wealthy elite or that official statistics are overstating average growth rates (or possibly a combination of both)…

The Selfish Reasons Behind Why We Give

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Health & Family

Feeling good about our actions — not guilt or pity— motivates giving, according to the latest research.

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Press 2 for Oops: Callers Complaining About S.F. Marathon Misdirected To Sex Hotline

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Double Whammy…


Phone sex hotlines apparently still exist, much to the chagrin of San Franciscans.

Residents were awakened at 5:30 a.m. on Sunday in San Francisco, when the Nike Marathon for women kicked off with music blaring over loudspeakers among crowds of people cheering on runners.

But instead of filing complaints to the city’s 311 hotline, locals were told to call Nike’s line at 1 (800) RUN-NIKE. Except the actual Nike hotline is 1 (866) RUN-NIKE and the former instead connected angry callers to a phone sex line on that very early morning, the Associated Press reports.

No word on how the mixup occurred, but the San Francisco Gate pointed out 311 was still giving out the wrong number Monday afternoon. We’re sure Candi would be happy to listen to your complaints for $1.99 a minute, though.


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Rwanda rolls out free WiFi for all

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Rwanda rolls out free WiFi for all.

Kigali – It’s a scene any visitor would be surprised to see deep in central Africa: a tech-savvy consumer sitting in a restaurant and surfing a broadband connection with a smartphone, tablet and laptop.

But in a region long associated with war and genocide, Rwanda is busy trying to reinvent itself as a regional high tech hub by rolling out free citywide and eventually nationwide wireless connectivity…

Those Hazardous Flying Birds – NYTimes.com

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Those Hazardous Flying Birds – NYTimes.com

via Those Hazardous Flying Birds – NYTimes.com.

Planes hit birds all the time. That doesn’t typically mean captains have to glide crippled jets onto a river as Capt. Chesley Sullenberger III famously did in January 2009. But a number of collisions have led to crashes, with some deaths. The Federal Aviation Administration says more than 9,000 birds are struck annually, a figure that’s increasing every year, with the total probably twice as large when unreported hits are included.   Over the past 23 years, bird strikes have forced an average of one plane a day to land prematurely, according to the F.A.A…


…We can develop protocols for ironing out system imperfections as we go so as to better protect passengers and reduce the slaughter of wildlife both on the ground and in the air. But we shouldn’t wait for the next catastrophic event before beginning to install integrated avian radar systems.

Government has no plans for sex filters | Irish Examiner

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Government has no plans for sex filters | Irish Examiner.

DESPITE the on going debate in Britain, there are no plans here to introduce pornography filtering in Ireland, according to the Department of Justice.

The Department of Education states that access to pornography on children’s phones is primarily a matter for parents as they are the primary educators of children…

Florida Alligator Evicted From Hot Tub

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Florida police serving an unrelated arrest warrant were surprised to find an alligator in a nearby hot-tub. What, like that’s not a regular occurrence?

According to authorities, they’ve seen alligators in all manner of ponds and pools, but not, as far as they can recall, a hot tub. While this may seem a humorous anecdote, it also gives us insight into the stressful life of  a Florida alligator—maybe a nice sit in a hot tub is exactly what this one needed.

When questioned, the owner of the jacuzzi claimed that he didn’t know how the alligator had gotten there, but that it was likely there when he moved in. The man decided to keep feeding the alligator, and so he was charged with possession of an alligator without a permit.

Not only was the kindhearted provider charged with a crime, but the alligator was forced to vacate its incredibly relaxing habitat…

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