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Here is a link to a cracked.com article which describes 6 amazing animals with remarkable skills.


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China’s Desperate Smog Fix: Pumping the Skies With Liquid Nitrogen

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Scientists in China say that pumping extremely cold nitrogen into Beijing’s polluted skies might help combat the excessive smog that blankets the capital during the winter months, reports the South China Morning Post.

Government-backed researchers at the Beijing Weather Modification Office claim that by pumping liquid nitrogen into the air, crystals would form on particles of dust that would then fall back to earth.

“Our experiments showed that in an environment with temperatures below freezing point, liquid nitrogen outperformed all other agents, but in summer or autumn its effect was less obvious,” He Hui, a researcher working on the project, told the Post.

However, critics of the scheme claim that the industrial coolant is both cumbersome and dangerous when handled improperly. Even minute amounts on the skin can cause serious burns, make it potentially difficult to deploy.


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Early morning heron reflection

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Great Picture

Mike Powell

In the weak early morning light, the sky and the water merged together, providing an uncluttered backdrop for this portrait of a Great Blue Heron.

I’ve taken quite a few photos of Great Blue Herons (Ardea herodias), but rarely have I encountered one as cooperative as this one was early on Monday morning. He looked to be cold and may have been trying to snooze as he huddled near the edge of the boardwalk. He let me get pretty close to him and didn’t seem to object to my presence, though he did follow me with his eyes. As a result of his tolerance, I was able to capture more detail in the heron’s feathers than I usually can manage.

After a few shots, I left him in peace to catch a few more winks.


© Michael Q. Powell. All rights reserved.

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