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World Clock – Stats#.UvLLtmz6mMs.blogger.

Fighting female genital mutilation – Family News & Advice | Parenting, Marriage & Kids | The Irish Tim – Tue, Feb 04, 2014

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Fighting female genital mutilation – Family News & Advice | Parenting, Marriage & Kids | The Irish Tim – Tue, Feb 04, 2014.

In December 2012 the United Nations (UN) passed five resolutions condemning it. The motions were supported by all the countries in the African Union.

The procedure ranges in severity from a clitoridectomy, or the partial or total removal of the clitoris; excision, or the partial or total removal of the clitoris and the labia minora; infibulations, or the narrowing of the vaginal opening through the creation of a covering seal with or without a clitoridectomy.

The procedure can lead to multiple problems later in life. Infections, urinary incontinence, infertility, pain during sex and childbirth are among the problems faced by women who have been subjected to FGM.

The UN estimates that 140 million women have suffered FGM, two million girls a year are still subjected to the process. In parts of the Horn of Africa, FGM rates are more than 90 per cent. ..

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