BOSTON (CBS) – Jon Salisbury played sports for years.

?I played soccer in high school for four years. I ran track for four years,? Jon said. ?And I played soccer in college for three years.?

The last injury he thought he’d suffer was one to his teeth.

?I’m 25. I’ve had two root canals already,? Jon said.

Root canals at such a young age? From playing sports? Well, not from the sports per se. But it’s what young athletes are drinking while playing sports that is doing the damage.

?On any given day, I’d drink at least half a gallon of Gatorade to prepare for it, if not more, and that didn’t include if I had an energy drink,? admits Jon.

?This is a disease that we know how to stop, and dental disease is the most widespread disease in the world,? said Dr. Peter Arsenault, Division Head of Operative…

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