Rat, locally called Diks, is said to be a very good local medicine for High Blood Pressure, even though most medical Doctors said they cannot confirm that claim.

We have heard many testimonies from friends and relatives that rat meat is effective for the treatment of high blood pressure; with some claiming that they have found it to be an effective palliative for arthritis. Some people from local communities have confirmed to us that the animal is a very powerful medicine for High Blood Pressure. They also told us that it has for long been used as good medicine by their forefathers, and is still benefiting them as well in various aspects.

Some people have even said that Medical Research Council MRC (Gambia Office) buys and uses ‘diks’ as a major element to cure High blood Pressure and probably other diseases. Observer Light went to the offices of the MRC in Fajara in an attempt to shed light on this matter; but the advanced health facility made it crystal clear that it has never gone into buying and using rats as a medicine to cure any disease.


by Modou Lamin Jammeh

Source: Rat Meat (Diks), a Cure for Hypertension? | Daily Observer