The two Irelands – Bondholders and charities | Irish Examiner.

WE had yesterday a glimpse of two contrasting Irelands.

One was seen active, alive, happy, responsible and empowering at the Dublin City marathon, where a record 14,000 signed up for the event. Although Santa Claus took part, Kenyan Geoffrey Ndungu won, setting a record in two hours, eight minutes and 32 seconds.  The great majority of participants were motivated by charitable rather than athletic impulses. Hundreds of causes will benefit, continuing a tradition that has seen marathon running — or walking — become one of the most effective ways of raising funds for various charities.  As those 14,000 people ran in the 32nd Dublin marathon, Government officials were preparing to pay something in the region of €700 million to those brave enough to invest in Sean FitzPatrick’s Anglo-Irish Bank.  What a difference that €700m would make to the charities, and the great work they do, represented at the Dublin marathon yesterday. Two Irelands indeed.