Gambia Elections: A Foregone Conclusion? | Think Africa Press

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Gambia Elections: A Foregone Conclusion? | Think Africa Press.

The lack of unity or co-ordination among the various Gambian opposition parties means there is no viable alternative to Jammeh. Whether they would have the opportunity to pose a solid contest were they to exist is another matter altogether, but forming a tangible and cohesive opposition has proved to be an elusive affair.

Britain urged to clamp down on ‘vulture funds’

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Britain urged to clamp down on ‘vulture funds’.

BRITAIN IS being urged to help close down a legal loophole that lets financiers known as “vulture funds” use courts in Jersey to claim hundreds of millions of pounds from the world’s poorest countries.  The call came from international poverty campaigners as one of the vulture funds was poised to be awarded a $100 million (€74 million) debt payout against the Democratic Republic of Congo after taking action in the Jersey courts…

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