Initial Reports on Congo Elections Discouraging

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Initial Reports on Congo Elections Discouraging.

Voting in Congo’s national elections started yesterday and will likely last several more days. Because of the many offices to be filled, including the presidency, The New York Times describes the ballot as “thick as a newspaper.” Not surprising, as the BBC reports, there are eleven presidential candidates, more than nineteen thousand candidates vying for the five hundred Assembly seats and other offices.

The price of RTE’s catastrophic mistake

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The price of RTE’s catastrophic mistake.

EVEN BY THE sorry standards of recent history, the past fortnight has marked another low for the media. In London, public figures troop in each day to the Leveson inquiry into media practices, delivering shocking stories of indefensible intrusion by newspaper journalists. Last week, in the High Court in Dublin, two newspapers admitted that they had no evidence for reports they had carried about the death of the schoolboy Robert Holohan at the hands of Wayne O’Donoghue.

African Union Observers – Election Results Truly Reflect the Will of the Gambian People

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In a preliminary statement issued at a press conference held at the Mission’s office in Senegambia Beach Hotel, Kololi, the mission team led by Dr. Fonkam Samuel Azu’u, the chairman of the Cameroonian Independent Electoral Commission declared that the presidential elections in the Republic of The Gambia was also conducted in accordance with the Durban Declaration on the principles governing democratic elections in Africa as adopted by the Assembly of the African Union in July 2002.

…In conclusion, the AU Observer Mission consequently wishes to declare that the 24th November, 2011 Presidential Elections in Republic of The Gambia were conducted in such a way that the results are a true reflection of the will of the sovereign people of The Gambia.

Commonwealth Gives the Gambia’s Election a Clean Bill of Health

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Commonwealth Gives the Gambia’s Election a Clean Bill of Health

“Our conclusion is that this was an election conducted fairly, openly and with transparency,” he told the journalists at the presidency, while noting that the Commonwealth was here even before the campaign started.  “So we didn’t just come overnight. We had our Commonwealth team that came in while you were preparing for an election that was here during the campaign and on election day and we are still here four or five days after the election. So we have been with you all throughout this period.”

The Commonwealth Observer Mission chief said they have noted the calm atmosphere in which the campaign was carried out, the absence of violence, the civility of the language that was adopted by the governing party, something he said was reciprocated by the opposition as well.

Commonwealth Preliminary Statement On Presidential Election

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Commonwealth Preliminary Statement On Presidential Election

The Commonwealth Expert Team dispatched to observer The Gambia’s presidential election held on November 24th, has issued a preliminary assessment on the election.

The statement according to Professor A. Bolaji Akinyemi, chairperson of the Commonwealth Expert Team, is their preliminary assessment of the presidential election, which reflects largely their observations on the pre-election environment, the polling day itself and the post- election phase.

Key findings…The Pre-Election Environment

…The results of this election show that the Government of The Gambia has the mandate of its people to embark on the necessary democratic reforms which will guarantee sustainable economic development. The Commonwealth stands ready to assist in such reforms.

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