Nice flow to your writing and a captivating account of the events covered. Very interesting. Many thanks, Peter

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Welcome to another edition of Review of the week. This week, we will took a look at the European elections, what’s secret of the Iraq war?, the migrants wanting a new life in Europe, latest on the world cup and French Open and a look at the Biggest Boxing match in 70 years.

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So its the week after the European election and there are some pretty huge changes we got to talk about. Nigel Farage has actually achieved his dream by winning the overall thing for UKIP. I was probable as surprised as anyone but from going past places locally with big posters for UKIP, everyone wanted change for the better.

So what’s that going to mean for the UK in general. The three big parties are all going to be very worried because UKIP has already got a spare and now is planning for the strike for…

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