Great initiative, hope it materialises.

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The U.S. is involved in the training of nuclear experts in Africa and has signed agreements for the design of small nuclear reactors which they said will drastically resolve energy shortfalls in Africa by 2023.Moniz, currently in Africa to popularise U.S. President, Barack Obama’s “Power Africa initiative’’, said while his Department was more focused on Africa’s natural gas projects, the issue of nuclear energy featured.The energy talks focused on how the U.S. can assist some 240 million people to access electricity in six African countries.The African countries are; Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Liberia and Tanzania through a new plan, Beyond the Grid, focused on rural electrification plans.Secretary Moniz said the U.S. Energy Department provided assistance to two private companies to build new nuclear reactors that could help to solve the safety concerns.The African Union (AU) warned last week that African countries with plans to build nuclear power plants should await…

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