Welcome to day 1 of my 31 days of self-love&Mindfulness challenge!

I am so so excited to be doing this post guys..This challenge will consist of 31 questions/prompts that encourage mindful thinking and healthier self-esteem levels. I’ve always wanted to do a challenge similar to this but I just never got around to it *cough*procrastination and if you’ve read my ‘Monday Motivation’ post then you will know that I’m just pretty foggy and stressed at the moment so I sort of need to do this post right now or I’ll blow-up. I’m really hoping to gain a more positive mindset, to get to know myself better and for you guys to get to know me better, so without further ado let’s begin.

What Is Your Biggest Struggle With Loving Yourself?

In my opinion ‘loving yourself’ is having confidence in what you believe in, having confidence in what you say and always knowing and doing what is best for you in all situations. The first two I have started to find a lot easier through the years but doing what’s best for me’is something I and I think a lot of women seriously struggle with. I’m naturally someone who wants to help everyone and I’m always there for people if and when they need me whether it’s emotional support or physical, you can count on me no matter what. But that’s just it ‘no matter what’. Even if I feel as though someone doesn’t care for me, I will still care for them. It shouldn’t be a one sided thing, two people should both be there for each other with no energy-vampire-action going on. After being around vampires who used me for support, I feel so drained and vulnerable to negative emotions and end up exploding at those I care about because I’ve just been drained of all my positive energy. I never realise this until I’m in bed thinking about the day and I always I get upset at myself because while I’ve been busy caring for everyone else I’ve forgotten about the person who matters most in my life: me.

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