Daily Stoic – What are you worried about

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Daily Stoic

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What are you worried about right now?

Your job?

Your family?

Your future?

Your health?

You’re not crazy to worry. Bad things could happen related to any of them. A car accident. An economic downturn. A surprise diagnosis.

But let’s go backwards in time a month, a year, five years. What were you worried about then? Mostly the same things, right?

And how many of those worries came to pass? And the ones that did…clearly the worrying didn’t help stop it, right?

It was Seneca who put the best one-liner to this feeling: “We are more often frightened than hurt; and we suffer more from imagination than from reality.”

It’s too facile to say don’t worry. But put your worries in perspective. Don’t let your worries grow out of proportion to what might actually happen. Don’t let imagination overtake reality. And for god’s sake, don’t conflate worrying with prevention or preparation…because you have a clear track record to show you how silly that is.


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Give Your Loved Ones Wings to Fly…


Give the ones you love wings to fly, roots to come back and reasons to stay. source: Dalai Lama XIV image: Eddie’s Images

via Wings To Fly — Eddie Two Hawks

Two Easy Rules of Thumb For Calculating a Three Degree Glide Slope

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Source: Two Easy Rules-of-Thumb For Calculating a Three-Degree Glide Slope | Boldmethod (Thanks to boldmethod for sharing and keeping us safe)

Two Easy Rules-of-Thumb For Calculating a Three-Degree Glide Slope

 Have you ever found yourself chasing the glideslope on an ILS approach? There’s an easier way to do it.Groundspeed has a significant effect on descent rate, and there’s a formula you can use to ballpark your feet per minute (FPM) descent, even before you get on glideslope.

One of the most important parts of instrument flying is getting ahead of the airplane. The following formulas are a great way to do just that. In many glass cockpit aircraft, wind vectors and ground track diamonds mean you’ll have a easily visible references to use. GPS groundspeed will make the following equations extremely easy to use…

Option 1: Multiply Your Groundspeed By 5

If you’re flying your aircraft on a roughly 3 degree glideslope, try multiplying your groundspeed by 5 to estimate your descent rate. The result will be a FPM value for descent that you should target. As you capture the glideslope, make adjustments as necessary.

gs x 5
Option 2: Divide Ground speed In Half, Add “0”

Divide your ground speed in half, add a zero to the end, and you’ll have an approximate FPM of descent. This is another easy way to target an initial descent rate for a 3-degree precision approach, or even a VFR descent into an airport.

divide in half

Both formulas leave you with the same result. Choosing which formula to use comes down to which mental math you’re more comfortable with.

How Wind Affects Descent Rate

A tailwind on final will result in a higher groundspeed, thus requiring a higher descent rate to maintain glideslope. The opposite is true for headwinds. Let’s take a look at a few examples:

Example 1: Headwind of 25 Knots, Final Approach Speed of 100 Knots Indicated Airspeed.


Example 2: Tailwind of 25 Knots, Final Approach Speed of 100 Knots.

example 2
Useful For More Than Just ILS Approaches

Looking for a good way to plan out your 3 degree glideslope? These formulas are great references for LPV approaches, LNAV+V, or even long VFR straight in approaches.


Have you used these formulas before? Tell us how you use them in the comments below.

The Beginner’s Guide to Positive Thinking in Three Difficult Steps

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Thanks to Damn, Girl. Get Your Shit Together for sharing….

Confession:  When I am with a client and they start to “go off,” I mean really make a spectacle, a part of me relishes it. I go to my happy place four hours into the future where I waltz into the bar, plop my purse down on the table, and tell my girlfriends, “You’re. Not. Going. To. Believe. This. Shit.” I then revel in their shocked faces while the shit-talking pours freely from my mouth like some kind of Mean Girls-style verbal diarrhea. Lord forgive me.

Like most women with a lot of sauce, the idea of embracing “positive thinking” summons images of girls in skirts made of wheat, singing Kumbaya around a campfire or literally stopping to smell flowers and staring up at the sun to bask in the radiance of the day. Basically, a fucking nightmare.


There are a few mental habits that I have embraced of late, and I feel better for it. So this guide is for my down-to-earth ladies who would like to bring a little positivity into their lives without having to learn to play the ukulele.

1. We are all just trying our best

This is your new mantra. Repeat it.   Judgmental thoughts towards others is a one-way ticket to brain atrophy and unhappiness. You are absolutely, one hundred percent entitled to your beliefs and core values. You might think that everyone should be vegan because eating animals is cruel and disgusting. You might think that the world would be a better place if everyone joined the republican party. You might think that religion, weddings, and having children are going to be the downfall of civilization. That’s fine. Blog about it.

But when it comes to dealing with people in a real, one-on-one way, there is only one thing you need to know: they are doing their best.Woman saying "Yeah, but..."

I can hear all the but… but… buts starting already. A person may cross your path who embodies all that you consider wrong with the world. They are six hundred pounds on a breathing machine while chain smoking and screaming at their nine children in tow. Their car is covered in every bumper sticker that directly offends your core values. They are wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat while paying for their groceries with food stamps. Hear me clearly: as far as you are concerned, they are doing their best.

2. We are all just trying our best

No, this is not a typo. It just bears repeating.   People have fucked up, traumatic childhoods that they in no way chose. When you are beaten with a shovel by your dad, diddled by your uncle, and verbally abused by your mother, it fucks with your brain chemistry. When you are born to riches and splendor and loving parents but your great granddaddy was as nutty as a fruitcake and his crazy genes happened to show up in your DNA,

It. Fucks. You. Up.

People struggle and suffer. People have serotonin imbalances. People make bad bad decisions. People are cruel. But people are the way that they are for a reason.Homer Simpson asking why life has to be so hard

3. We are all just trying our best

We all want the same thing: love, security, well-being, happiness. Do people make decisions that are counterproductive to this? Yes. But are you? Because in this moment, if you are deciding to hold onto your judgments of other people, you are committing the very same crime.

Whoville on Christmas Day

If you want a happy life and a healthy brain, every time you want to pass a judgement on someone else just stop.


Look at them and say to yourself:

They are just trying their best.

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This guide is for my down-to-earth ladies who want to bring a little positivity into their lives without having to learn to play the ukulele.

via The Beginner’s Guide to Positive Thinking in Three Difficult Steps — Damn, Girl. Get Your Shit Together.

The power of solitude

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The power of solitude

This post was inspired by the article The Power of Solitude.

As much as I enjoy the company of others I also enjoy time alone. For me, solitude is an opportunity to be myself for a while – to read without interruptions, to sing without being heard and to dance without being seen. I can meditate wherever I wish, or do yoga in the middle of the living-room without bothering anyone. I can eat what I like and have a good cry as I watch a good old romance.

Some people fear solitude, they fear the turning inwards, afraid of what they might find. Mindfulness has taught me to spend more time looking inwards. Mindfulness helps us to approach what is inside us rather than to run away from it. We can approach our fears slowly, with compassion, edging towards whatever it is in a kind manner as we would towards a frightened child or animal.We can explore our emotions in a safe, gentle way and slowly begin to understand who we are.

This post was inspired by the article The Power of Solitude. As much as I enjoy the company of others I also enjoy time alone. For me, solitude is an opportunity to be myself for a while – to read without interruptions, to sing without being heard and to dance without being seen. I can meditate […]

via The power of solitude — My GO-TO MINDFULNESS

Daily Dose of Inspiration

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Daily Dose of Inspiration – Have Attitude

“The only thing that you have control over is your mind.” ~ Napoleon Hill

Your goal in life should be to feel good. And having a positive mental attitude is the only way to meet this goal. So if you want to change the circumstances of your life you need not worry about what’s going on in the world or what other people are doing. The only thing that you need to worry about is tending to your own mind and thoughts.

We are all meant to be successful and to receive all that we want and desire and thinking negatively will hold you back from obtaining what you want. The way you’ve been thinking is a reflection of everything that you have attracted into your life thus far. Always remember your thoughts are the only thing that you can control, and by practicing a positive mental attitude is the first step in…

Originally posted on Be Inspired..!!: “The only thing that you have control over is your mind.” ~ Napoleon Hill Your goal in life should be to feel good. And having a positive mental attitude is the only way to meet this goal. So if you want to change the circumstances of your life you need not worry…

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Day 1 of 31 Days of Self – Love and Mindfulness

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Welcome to day 1 of my 31 days of self-love&Mindfulness challenge!

I am so so excited to be doing this post guys..This challenge will consist of 31 questions/prompts that encourage mindful thinking and healthier self-esteem levels. I’ve always wanted to do a challenge similar to this but I just never got around to it *cough*procrastination and if you’ve read my ‘Monday Motivation’ post then you will know that I’m just pretty foggy and stressed at the moment so I sort of need to do this post right now or I’ll blow-up. I’m really hoping to gain a more positive mindset, to get to know myself better and for you guys to get to know me better, so without further ado let’s begin.

What Is Your Biggest Struggle With Loving Yourself?

In my opinion ‘loving yourself’ is having confidence in what you believe in, having confidence in what you say and always knowing and doing what is best for you in all situations. The first two I have started to find a lot easier through the years but doing what’s best for me’is something I and I think a lot of women seriously struggle with. I’m naturally someone who wants to help everyone and I’m always there for people if and when they need me whether it’s emotional support or physical, you can count on me no matter what. But that’s just it ‘no matter what’. Even if I feel as though someone doesn’t care for me, I will still care for them. It shouldn’t be a one sided thing, two people should both be there for each other with no energy-vampire-action going on. After being around vampires who used me for support, I feel so drained and vulnerable to negative emotions and end up exploding at those I care about because I’ve just been drained of all my positive energy. I never realise this until I’m in bed thinking about the day and I always I get upset at myself because while I’ve been busy caring for everyone else I’ve forgotten about the person who matters most in my life: me.

Autumn xo (3)

Thank you so much for reading,

via Day 1|31 Days of Self-Love&Mindfulness — The Weekend Juice

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